Its Time for a New Bitcoin Wallet

This weekend we launched our first Bitcoin Wallet.  We are proud to deliver to the community a wallet that gives the user complete ownership of their private keys.  Our HD wallet is backed by the trusted technology of our Developers Platform and uses our Multi-Signature technology.  In addition to the strong cryptography, we offer our users a wallet that is both familiar and inviting in design, making Bitcoin accessible and easy to use!

Blocktrail Wallet Includes:

– HD Wallet technology
– Multi-Signature security
– Ability to send directly to your contacts without writing address or scanning QR Code
– UI simplicity & design
– Convenience of mobile & web
– Private keys owned by the user
– Good balance between privacy and convenience
– Floating Fees to deal with the stress tests


Your Bitcoins are Safe in Your Blocktrail Wallet
If Blocktrail is ever hacked, raided by government, or if our servers magically disappear into thin air, you remain safe because our wallet never has direct access to your Bitcoin.  This is a totally different paradigm from most other bitcoin wallets which take custody over the user’s bitcoin and “secure” it with insurance.  Blocktrail’s wallet is able to do this because transactions are signed client-side (in the users browser or mobile device) rather than on our servers, and due to bitcoins design, we have no ability to manipulate these transactions before broadcasting them to the network.  The world needs our wallet because centralized bitcoin wallets put people’s future in financial danger.


Our Wallet is Multi-Platform
The wallet is available on both web and mobile.  Users can sign up directly on our new website or download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.  This means that you can make a transaction on your phone or on the web and have your wallet balance remain in sync.  


How to Use
You can use your Blocktrail wallet to send and receive bitcoin across the world or to your friend sitting next to you. You can use it as a payment method anywhere where bitcoin is accepted.  You can also use it to store your bitcoin safely and securely. You can use it the same way you would use the wallet in your pocket but for your bitcoin.

You can download the app on Google Play or Apple App Store or sign up using our web wallet.  You will then be prompted to save your backup document to protect you against loosing your wallet.  You can then set up your profile if you wish or just jump right into using the wallet.  The wallet has a friendly menu and easily accessible features.


Sending BTC Directly to your Contacts
We made our wallet as friendly as possible and you can exchange bitcoin without using long bitcoin addresses. If you need to send Bitcoin to your friend across the globe, you don’t no longer need to send an email first asking for their bitcoin address. You can just select them from your phone’s address book, enter an amount, and click send. In the background our wallet creates a new bitcoin address for your friend, and associates it to their phone number that has been verified. Because we use the latest in bitcoin technology (HD wallet and multi signature transactions) we are able to do all this without ever having custody over the your bitcoin!


Get Started Now
– Web Wallet
– Google Play
– Apple App Store


Available for Review
We’ve published the code of the wallet on Github so it can easily be reviewed. We feel it’s important that a wallet that claims that “you are in control of your bitcoin” actually proves that you are.  It also allows us to give insight into how we do our best to protect your privacy while providing you all the awesome features of the wallet.

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  1. The app looks great! I would be interested in the code, where can I find it? It doesn’t seem to be on blocktrails github.

  2. what should I do if I don’t know my friend have a new phone number before I send money to his older phone number? Or my friend just forget told me he was just have a new phone number 1 minute ago.

  3. The set-up went extremely smoothly. No effort at all!
    Could you write a list of what information the BlockTrail servers receive and what information they don’t.

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