Blocktrail Wallet Recovery Tool

We’ve always been very proud to be able to say that “you can always recover your bitcoins from your Blocktrail Wallet even if the Blocktrail office and data centers are both hit with a meteor”, but until now, in practice, that required a bit of programming skills.

As of today however it’s possible for anyone to recover their bitcoins from their wallet, even if an evil master mind drops some meteors onto the Blocktrail office and data centers
and all that with a small open source tool we’ve built.

Thanks to Github hosted pages there’s always a version online here:
or, which is hosted on different servers then the rest of the Blocktrail infrastructure.
Or you can easily run it locally from source if you have a semi-technical background!

The tool requires you to put in the data from your backup PDF, or import from the backup PDF file if you stored it digitally.

  • It will start generating batches of addresses based on your keys
    and use either the Blocktrail API or the Insight API (by BitPay) to scan those addresses for unspent outputs.
  • Once it has collected all the unspent outputs it will help you create a transaction sending to an address of your choosing and broadcast it onto the network (again using either the Blocktrail API or Insight API).
  • Everything happens inside your browser, just like the normal wallet to make sure nobody other then yourself has access to your bitcoins.


Currently the wallet does not have an easy way yet to reset your password, so this recovery tool can also be used to recover bitcoins from a wallet for which you have lost your password.

The source code of the recovery tool can be found here:

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