Blocktrail is now a part of the Bitmain family

We’re proud to announce that Blocktrail has been acquired by Bitmain, the world’s leading company in the Bitcoin space.

Joining forces with Bitmain is an important step forward for us, which will not only benefit you as our wallet, API and block explorer user, but also enforces our collective goal as bitcoin users, to continue the growth and advancement of the bitcoin ecosystem.

Apart from being the leader in bitcoin mining hardware with the Antminer series of bitcoin miners, Bitmain also operates Hashnest, a cloud-mining platform, Antpool, one of the largest bitcoin mining pools, and BTC.COM, a block explorer and technology platform which is the future host to Blocktrail services.

Rest assured that during this transition of Blocktrail services into, all of our services will continue to function as normal and no changes will be required on your side.

Its been our pleasure to be your service provider of choice as Blocktrail, and we are continuing our commitment of providing you the highest level of bitcoin services under the brand, together with the Bitmain family.

The Blocktrail Teammerger


Official release:

Bitmain Announces its Acquisition of Blocktrail

July 19, BEIJING – Beijing-based Bitmain Technologies Limited, owner of the
Antminer series of bitcoin miners, Hashnest, Antpool and, has acquired
Amsterdam-based Blocktrail B.V., provider of a multi-platform bitcoin Wallet, API, and
Block Explorer.

Blocktrail was founded in 2014 with €500,000 ($669,310) funding from BlockCorp,
which was set up by Lev Leviev, co-founder of VKontakte (Russian Facebook rival),
and Blocktrail CEO Boaz Bechar.

Blocktrail’s products include a multi-platform bitcoin wallet, API, and block explorer.
Blocktrail’s platform provides consumers and developers with tools to interface with
the blockchain, through its secure bitcoin wallet, its powerful developers’ platform,
and its popular online block explorer which provides users with online information
about cryptocurrency transactions.

Blocktrail’s wallet and API both utilize multi-signature and HD technology, to offer
users the highest level of safety and security. Being a decentralized wallet not only
makes Blocktrail’s wallet in accordance with the spirit of Bitcoin, but also makes it
safer for end-users, which are able to maintain full control over their private keys,
rather than trusting in a traditional centralized wallet service to secure it. Blocktrail
wallet users are always in full control over their Bitcoins, and can’t be locked out by a
centralized service provider or authority.

Bitmain aims to not only merge Blocktrail’s platform into, which is China’s
leading bitcoin block explorer service, but also utilize Blocktrail’s talent and
knowledge, which have joined Bitmain as part of the acquisition.

“Bitmain is the world’s leading company in the bitcoin space. Joining forces with
Bitmain will not only benefit both our companies, but also all our present and future
customers”, says Blocktrail’s CEO Boaz Bechar.

Jihan Wu, cofounder of Bitmain noted, ”Blocktrail’s products, services and team are
highly valuable to us. We hope to utilize this acquisition to continue to offer better
services and products to’s customers worldwide”.
Blocktrail’s platform and services will continue to operate with both wallet and API
users unaffected by these changes.

About Bitmain: Bitmain Technologies Ltd. is a fast-growing manufacturer of high
performance computing chips. By developing cutting-edge ASIC chips, Bitmain leads
the global industry in bitcoin mining hardware and, with a focus on an ASIC chip for
Artificial Intelligence applications, is positioning itself to be a world leader in the ASIC

Bitmain is headquartered in Beijing, China, with offices in Hong Kong, San Francisco,
Shenzhen, Chengdu and Tel Aviv.


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