Blocktrail is now a part of the Bitmain family

We’re proud to announce that Blocktrail has been acquired by Bitmain, the world’s leading company in the Bitcoin space. Joining forces with Bitmain is an important step forward for us, which will not only benefit you as our wallet, API and block explorer user, but also enforces our collective goal as bitcoin users, to continue the growth and… Read more

Getting your change in order

A few weeks ago we were conducting some analysis on trends in the blockchain, for our own internal purposes, to help us make informed decisions as we move forward. While poking through some transactions, it quickly became apparent to our CTO Ruben that something is fishy. More specifically, it was a bit weird for this… Read more

A step-by-step guide on getting your free decentralized t-shirt

[Update: This promotion has ended, and all t-shirts have been dispatched! Thanks to all for participating!] Recently we started sending out free DECENTRALIZED t-shirts to developers that deploy our API, as a token (no pun intended) of appreciation and as a sweetener for completing an API integration.  Call it proof-of-deployment or proof-of-thanks, this t-shirt serves as a wearable reminder to those… Read more

Hack with us in Amsterdam

This weekend we’re inviting developers, hackers and entrepreneurs to a very friendly Bitcoin Hackathon at Rockstart Accelerator in Amsterdam, where we’ll be competing over the course of one day to determine who can build the coolest bitcoin related app! Since we’ve announced this hackathon a little over a month ago, we’ve had over 80 people register for the event,… Read more

See you at #bitcoin2014

Quite a celebratory week here: We kicked off this Monday morning with bitcoin cupcakes to celebrate @jophartog‘s birthday, and we’ll be ending this week at the Bitcoin2014 convention in Amsterdam. While most are flying in to take part, we’ll be bicycling-in from BlockTrail HQ in Amsterdam. If you’re attending and want to check out some… Read more